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Samaritan’s systems coordinate volunteers in over a hundred hospitals and medical facilities. Major metropolitan departments of health and emergency management use us to recruit, manage, schedule, and track medical and non-medical volunteers protecting millions of people. Counties across the United States manage their Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) deployments with Samaritan. Our powerful ESAR-VHP system facilitates medical volunteer registry and deployment at the local and/or state-wide level.

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Hospitals, Hospice, and Healthcare

Whether you manage volunteers at a single hospital or hospice location or are part of a nationwide healthcare system Samaritan’s web-based eCoordinatorTM for volunteer coordinators and eRecruiterTM for volunteers provide you with the powerful and secure tools you need. We’ve helped our clients cut their onboarding time by two-thirds, automated their training and annual compliances, made them ready for the Joint Commission with a click, and helped them replace mountains of paperwork with the time to innovate creative new programs. Want to learn more?

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Professional Medical Staff Assignment & Scheduling

Many hospitals have quickly scaled back elective procedures and turned to their HR teams to help them re-assign and schedule professional staff for the current pandemic. This can be overwhelming. Traditional payroll and benefits HR software can’t do the job. Major city, state, and county departments of health, and hospitals across the country are using our systems to coordinate, manage, and schedule medical professionals to help protect millions of people. Our HIPAA compliant systems work just as well for scheduling and coordinating professional medical staff as for volunteers. If your HR team is seeking a way to keep up with all the COVID-19 staff reassignments.

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Medical Reserve Corps

Local MRCs need systems capable of coordinating both medical and non-medical volunteers. Samaritan’s online system is used by cities and counties across the nation to coordinate volunteers protecting millions of people. We have the tools you need to register, manage, schedule, communicate, follow up, and report. Categorize, query and assign your volunteers whether setting up PODs, emergency shelters, or screenings. Create service opportunities or shifts and publish them online for sign up or assign volunteers yourself. Custom event triggered emails and texts allow you to get the word out. Automatically receive the notifications you and your team need. Built in survey capabilities let you gather essential information. Click here to learn about our powerful volunteer management features or scroll this page to learn more about our healthcare specifics.

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Samaritan has a full ESAR-VHP system available that implements all the Department of Health and Human Services ESAR-VHP medical professions, specialties, credentials, and leveling. The system is highly configurable for additional medical or non-medical professions with custom credentials if necessary. Our ESAR-VHP system is in use and deployed at the state level. More than just a registry for credential verification, Samaritan’s ESAR-VHP is a full volunteer management system, meaning you can use it to assign, manage, schedule, communicate with, track, and survey your registered and/or deployed volunteers. Our high-availability HIPAA compliant system is hosted in geographically separate redundant US government FedRAMP authorized data centers.

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The Samaritan Solution

The time-consuming multi-step process of onboarding volunteers with references, TB tests, health screenings, background checks, trainings, competencies, and massive paperwork can be daunting for volunteer coordinators. Meanwhile your applicants get frustrated with all the places to go and things to do just to get started. Let Samaritan help! We meet with you in person on site, analyze your processes and help you redesign them with integrations and automations freeing you to do the fun and creative work. Our clients say it’s like having another full-time coordinator on your team!


You’ve got a lot to keep track of: your website, volunteer applications, reference checks, background checks, TB tests, occupational or employee health services data, trainings, competencies, and more. Going from system to system and shuffling papers is a lot of work. Wouldn’t you like to be able to view and coordinate all of the information about your volunteers in a single system and have all the information automatically flow from place to place as needed? With our integrations and features you can!

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Powerful Automation

Once we’ve integrated with all of your data sources, our support team can help you set up powerful automations according to your customized workflow. Next step instruction emails and reminders go out automatically. Background checks, screenings, trainings, and more will be automatically requested and recorded. When a volunteer finishes one step in the onboarding process, their status will be automatically updated and they will advance or be rejected. Annual competency recertifications just happen. It’s like adding another member to your volunteer management team and really frees you up for creative work.

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Get the word out. Send emails or texts to one person or a specific filtered list of thousands of volunteers or coordinators or supervisors. Create and save named templates. Reminders before or for follow up after a shift or assignment. Happy birthday messages. Mail merge and attachments. All can be sent on demand or triggered automatically by an action such as registration, making a placement, changing a status, or just a simple date. Free yourself and let the system do it for you.

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Customized Onboarding

Do you have several steps in your volunteer on-boarding process that you need to track? Interviews? Orientations? Trainings? Immunizations? Wouldn’t it be great if the system automatically recorded that they’ve watched a training video on YouTubeTM or taken a course with your learning management system? Samaritan’s system accommodates all of this and more making it easy for you get a list of who’s at each step in the process as well as providing each volunteer with a simple checklist to follow. Want to enhance the checklist with instructions, links, and reminder emails? We’ve got you covered.

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Online Interview Scheduling

Calling and emailing to schedule individual or group interviews probably soak up huge amounts of your time. Samaritan lets you post an online schedule of interview times that volunteers can use to sign up and schedule themselves. You can easily see or print a roster of who’s signed up and when, while your applicants receive automatic reminders so they don’t forget. Need to reschedule or cancel an interview? Click, click and out go all the texts or emails to inform people of the change. Samaritan makes it so easy!

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eLearning and Online Training

Maybe you’d like to switch to online trainings that people can take from the convenience of their own homes. Whether you want videos, audio, or on-line quizzes with or without the scores recorded, the answer is “Yes”. Perhaps you already have training PowerPoints or videos and want to add them to our automated onboarding process and/or annual compliancy reviews. Again, we can do it. Perhaps you’re just starting from scratch. We can help there too.

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When the Joint Commission comes calling, do you need to be able to easily call up a report to show that your volunteers are all current with their background checks, screenings, immunizations, and trainings? We make it easy to create a report that does exactly what you need. Need automatic volunteer reminders when a training renewal or health screening is coming up? How about those flu shots? Our automations make it easy to set up reminders and status changes saving you the headache of compliance tracking.

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HIPAA and Security

Do you need a HIPAA compliant system and a vendor willing to sign your organization’s BAA? We’re it! Does your IT team require documented data classification, incident response and reporting, disaster recovery, business continuity, privacy, and security policies and procedures? We’ve got them and we audit our compliance on a continuous ongoing basis. Background checks on our staff? We’ve got those too. Our systems are housed in data centers that meet the federal FISMA and FedRAMP standards as well as ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

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Do you receive federal funding or have another mandate that requires an accessible online volunteer management system? Looking for Section 508 or WCAG compliant systems? Simply want to accommodate visual, auditory, or manually impaired volunteers. You’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s visual contrast, screen reader compatibility, skip navigation links, or more, we have what you need. Samaritan performs rigorous accessibility testing of each new release of its systems to accommodate your needs and keep you from costly lawsuits.

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There’s a lot more.

From background checks to surveys to reports, and much, much more. There are still many more things we have that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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In addition we do a beautiful job of customizing our systems to match the look and feel of your website.

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