Take a look at a few of the things that we offer that specifically help city and county governments:

Comprehensive Standards and Reporting

Police, Parks and Rec, Libraries, Elections, Fire, and lots more! Do you need a centralized system that will provide comprehensive reporting, enforce organization wide standards and yet still support agency or department specific requirements and business processes? Samaritan’s system can set you up with just what you need. Comprehensive registration forms and waivers for adults and youth with additions for specific agencies with specific sections for departments and opportunities. Integrations with DocuSignTM and Adobe SignatureTM for legal validity. Automations for agency/department specific work flow. Views that limit each agency or department to their own data while allowing comprehensive reporting and analysis for the central office.

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Role Based Access

Do you have some people that approve volunteers making sure that they have satisfied the organization wide legal (waivers, photo releases, disclaimers, hold harmless agreements and etc), others that process orientation, training and other onboarding requirements, and yet others people that schedule and manage the volunteers at the department or agency level? Samaritan’s customizable role based access limits each type of user to just the functionality and data that they need.

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Strong Security

Do you need to satisfy a long list of requirements for your IT department? Things like documented data classification, incident response and reporting, disaster recovery, business continuity, privacy, and security policies and procedures? We’ve got them and we audit our compliance on continuous ongoing basis. Background checks on our staff? We’ve got those too. Our systems our systems are housed in data centers that meet the federal FISMA and FedRAMP standards as well as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Send us the list from IT and we’ll work through it.

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Department Specific Branding

Do you have a city or county-wide website that you recruit volunteers from? Do agencies or departments have their own websites with their own branding, look, and feel where they want to recruit their own volunteers? Whether it’s all one way or the other or a mixture, Samaritan’s volunteer portal, eRecruiter, can meet those needs and match the existing websites’ look and feel so that it looks as if your own IT staff did it.

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Grow As You Go Expandability

Do you have one agency/department that is ready to go and others that you want to add over time as they buy-in and get budget or funding? Samaritan lets you do just that.

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In addition we do a beautiful job of customizing our systems to match the look and feel of your website.

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