About Us

Who are We
Samaritan is volunteerism. Samaritan Technologies was founded in a volunteer center in southern Utah in 1997. Samaritan was built upon the idea of providing volunteer coordinators and program managers with state-of-the-art tools to maximize the impact of their volunteers in the communities they serve.

Over the past 17 years we have made ourselves the industry standard for volunteer management by providing the tools volunteer managers need to effectively recruit, retain, coordinate, track, and report the activities of their volunteers. These tools include both web- and pc-based applications that work together seamlessly to provide maximum coordination and management of volunteer service.

What We Do
Samaritan Technologies has partnered with over 1,400 agencies, organizations, and corporations to manage hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing millions of hours of volunteer service. We specialize in providing professional volunteer management system design and support for:

Government agencies
Corporate volunteer programs
Non-profit organizations

Our success is based upon our commitment to providing each of our partners with a solution designed and built specifically for their needs
Why Choose Us?

We are volunteers. Every Samaritan employee has dedicated years of time to various volunteer activities, working in our communities and abroad to improve people’s lives.

We are passionate about volunteerism. We believe in the power of volunteers to change the world for the better. We bring that passion and our experience to work with us every day to help our partners maximize their programs.

We are service-oriented. Unlike many other providers, we answer our phones and provide personal service to our partners. We don’t expect you to search our website or manual for the answer to your questions. We are here for you.

Get Involved
Get Involved
Maximize your volunteer program outcome today! Talk to a Samaritan Representative about how you can establish your program’s infrastructure with volunteer coordination software