Samaritan Plans

Samaritan’s product packages start at $4,750 / year.

LIVE, Built-in Criminal Background Checking Available.

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All Plans Include
UNLIMITED Volunteers
Mass emails with mail merge
Mobile & Social friendly
Interactive Scheduling
Professional, Secure Hosting
Compliance with FISMA, ADA and HIPAA
At Least 10 Hours of Setup
Built-in Surveys
Stations
At Least 4 Hours of Training

What Volunteers See – eRecruiter

Samaritan Simple Samaritan Standard Samaritan PRO
Landing Page Template Template Your Website
Custom Layout No No Yes
Opportunity Search Basic Custom Custom
Volunteer Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Volunteer Surveys Yes Yes Yes
Custom Workflow No Available Yes
Custom Registration Basic Custom Custom

What Managers See – eCoordinator

Samaritan Simple Samaritan Standard Samaritan PRO
Product eCoordinator eCoordinator eCoordinator
Included Support 2 hours 10 hours 30 hours
Training 1 hour webinar 6 hours 12 hours
Available Modules
  • Live Background Checks
  • Automation
  • Pre-requisites
All (See list Below) All (See list Below)

Add-on Modules

All Standard and PRO customers can select from any of these modules. We tailor solutions to each customer. Please contact us for a custom bid.

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Integrated LIVE Background Checking
Order various checks on volunteers and receive instantaneous results inside our software. Multiple sources of data are supported including local integrations.
  • Setup fee
  • $8 / check
  • VerifiedVolunteers & SSCI: by bid
  • Other carriers: by bid + integration
Background Enforcement
Decide on whether to Approve, Disapprove or Approve With Restrictions (customized). System communicates and enforces your decisions.
Custom automated emails, mass-editing of records, trigger-based field changes and other actions.
Advanced Sign-in
Volunteers sign-in / out using mobile devices, rosters, alternative ID’s, bar codes, QR codes, scanners or even their own phones (GPS-based automated sign-in). Includes interactive surveying.
$1,000 + Setup
Pre-Requisite Enforcement
Attach formal pre-requisites to any opportunity, forcing volunteers to have certain qualifications before they can sign-up for it.
Automated Recognition
Volunteers automatically qualify for prizes – including cruises(!) – provided as an optional public service by the Cabot Cheese Creamery Cooperative. Hours are transferred and "points" awarded automatically.
Dynamic Registration
You determine whether volunteers view each opportunity before they register, after they are approved or only following completion of curriculum and approvals. Different registration forms can dynamically adjust based on the type(s) of opportunities requested.
Setup Fee
Custom Onboarding
You determine what requirements each volunteer must complete before they can serve. Do they need background checks? Reference checks? Completion of curriculum? Credential verification?
Setup Fee
Onboarding Status Screens
Volunteers view their personal onboarding track, step-by-step. Each step has associated action links Automat emails alert all parties to progress. that help them progress. Works well with automated background and reference checking.
$1,000 + Setup
If you want your volunteers to search by entering a date range and viewing results this module can be built in to either template
Setup Fee
Automatic Surveys
Volunteers take custom surveys related to their specific services when they are reporting their hours.
Automatic Reference Checking
The system sends a custom survey to all references listed by volunteers. Results appear automatically inside eCoordinator.
$1,000 + Setup
External Opportunity Submission
External parties – including volunteers – can submit service opportunities for your consideration. Includes dashboard they use to monitor status and edit submissions. You control whether opportunities and their sponsors are approved and / or published.
$1,000 + Setup
Hours Approval
Supervisors of volunteers who are NOT regular users of eCoordinator can review, approve or edit hours submitted by their volunteers. This can be done via a web-based checklist or automatic emails.
$1,000 + Setup
Volunteers can pre-register other volunteers for upcoming events they’ve already signed-up for.
$1,500 / year*
Client Registration & Management
Service recipients can request assistance, transportation, meals and other services provided by volunteers. Fully customizable HIPAA-compliant forms and communication are included.
$1,000 + Setup
Credential Verification
Professional volunteer credential registration, verification and automated designation based on national + local protocols. Supports national ESAR-VHP protocol for medical professionals.
$1,000 + Setup + Vendor Fee
Donor Registration
Volunteers and / or donors discover and register for giving opportunities using the same interfaces and credentials. Automations Module could make recommendations and run campaigns. Existing banking institutions do fulfillment. Integrations with banks or donation software are available.
$1,000 + Setup


landing page

Landing Page

Samaritan provides 2 different “templates” [photo slider] [traditional] that govern how your volunteer functionality appears. Each of these will have your logo and search preferences. Both include a Volunteer Dashboard that allows them to review personal schedules, report hours, take surveys and edit their profile data. If you’d like us to build the same – and more – functions directly into your website and domain we do that too (see ‘Custom Layout’ below).

Custom Layout

Samaritan’s Professional edition (PRO) is for customers that require our functionality built-in to their existing websites, graphics and navigation. You and your web team will have 100% control over when, how and where our functions are presented to the public. We can also allow you to control the interaction, host the system and manage all other software functions. Samaritan PRO is utilized by organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution, multiple community rescue missions, and the state governments of CA, VA, TX, OK, and NV.

Here are recent examples of PRO customers:
[Neighborhood Centers Inc.] Long Beach BLAST (mentoring)


Opportunity Search

All editions of our software allow your volunteers to search by proximity, key word and a custom set of links for targeted programs, trainings or partners. As shown in the example from Neighborhood Centers Inc., above, our PRO customers can utilize multiple search options customized to their programs. Searching by date ranges, attributes, pre-requisites, credentialing requirements and other options are also available at no charge..

Volunteer Dashboard

All editions of our software include a volunteer dashboard that they can use to find new opportunities, review personal schedules, report hours, take surveys and monitor personal progress towards your objectives. Their schedule commitments can also appear on personal calendars in other software. Samaritan automatically sends reminders about upcoming shifts and supports group leader, group member, individual, episodic, training and event-style scheduling.



Volunteers can always report hours through your website, kiosks or their own smartphones but if you need to ask additional questions related to their service or training curriculum we can present these to them at the same time. Any question you create can be attached to any survey which, itself, can be attached to any opportunity or campaign. As a side note on hours reporting, our new Advanced Sign-in Module also has roster-based, QR-code and GPS automated sign-in support.

Custom Workflow

If you need volunteers to view only a specific set of privately-published opportunities, follow a custom on-boarding process, complete “intelligent” forms or be automatically shared with various managers, affiliates, events, trainings or affiliates just let us know during the implementation process. We also support pre-requisite management, LIVE criminal background checking (built-in!) and the enforcement of decisions you make based on these.


Custom Registration

Our Standard and PRO customers can design their own registration forms. We inherently support drop-down menu’s, radio buttons, user-defined fields, instructional text and many other types. Dynamic logic (where fields appear based on previous answers), language fluency, multi-language translation and support for individuals with disabilities (“Section 508”) are included by default. All Samaritan forms and functions are inherently mobile friendly.

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