Texas Parks & Wildlife

Project Description

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) deployed a centralized SaaS Volunteer Management System for nine diverse programs.



Samaritan has deployed a hierarchical system for TPWD. Each department within the Division has their own eCoordinator and this information flows upwards into a main eCoordinator account. After several years of use the client has decided to have Samaritan make some phased changes to their site. The first change had Samaritan deploy an Organization recruiter to help their Master Naturalist chapters manage their own opportunities. The second change involved edits to their volunteer profile to streamline their on-boarding procedures. They have also decided to take advantage of several new Samaritan features to make their website more responsive in design.


  • Configurations based on requirements
  • Hierarchical, multi-location networking
  • 24/7 Web-based volunteer coordinator management
  • End user training
  • Website integration

Stakeholder Involvement

A small core “design team” from the training and the volunteer program together with Samaritan’s Client Services and Development teams managed the design, development, and deployment. Department feedback has been gathered for a phase two implementation which includes streamlining the application process, deploying the organization recruiter and deploying a responsive website design.