City of Phoenix

Project Description

The City of Phoenix (COP) desired a county-wide, uniform volunteer management system (VMS) for each agency within their jurisdiction. The city now manages an instance of Samaritan’s software on a server hosted by COP. The system provides daily management for volunteers across 17 unique departments. Since the first agency came onboard, 33,000 hours have been recorded by 2720 volunteers over a period of 18 months.



The project’s scope was to implement an enterprise-level, city-wide universal system to streamline volunteer intake and create cohesive business practices across multiple agencies within the city thus producing like results in tracking hours, producing opportunities and promoting service across all departments. Additionally, volunteers would only have to register once using the new website, then each record could carry multiple status across agencies inside of the enterprise system thus allowing volunteers to provide service hours at all levels within the city. The city has a heavy emphasis on continuous training and recruitment.


  • Requirements identification & design
  • VMS configurations based on requirements
  • Hierarchical, multi-locational networking
  • 24/7 Web-based volunteer coordinator management
  • End user training
  • Website integration