Take a look at what we offer that specifically addresses the needs of rescue missions:

Flexible Volunteer Recruiting

You’ve probably invested lot in branding and creating a website that correctly portrays the nature and mission of your organization. No cookie cutter here. We’ll do you proud. At Samaritan we’ll configure our eRecruiter volunteer web portal to beautifully match the look and feel of your website so that it looks as if it was done by your own IT staff. You’ll love the result!

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Sure, we give you lots of ways to record volunteer hours, but our surveys let you do so much more. You can create your own custom surveys to gather information about volunteer satisfaction, how many patrons your docents guided on each tour, or anything else you might want to learn about. Specific surveys for each volunteer job? Not a problem. Likert scales? We’ve got them. Dynamic survey sections that change depending on the answers to previous question? We’ve got those too! You can even combine our survey capability with our Sign-In stations (see below) to gather data from each volunteer as they switch from job to job or as they leave for the day.

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Volunteer Sign-In

When you set up a Sign-inTM station at each school or location where volunteers check in and out you get a lot of powerful benefits: When and where they signed in and out, and what they worked on is automatically recorded. As the coordinator you can instantly see who’s on site. Other options? Oh yeah. Sign in with user id and password, or email address, with a badge scanner, or at the touch of a button next to your name. Survey your volunteers as they sign out? Of course!

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Flexible Scheduling

Do you need to schedule your volunteers for shifts at specific times and dates? Do you need to be able to post shifts on line so that volunteers can sign up for them? One time shifts for some volunteer jobs and recurring ones for others? Need daily scheduling for some things, every other week for others. A special event that happens every year? A meeting that happens only when there is a fifth Saturday in a month? Do you need a system that can automatically send out reminder emails in advance shifts? What about other reminders after shifts for volunteers that forget to log their hours or complete a survey? You need it. We have it.

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Something new! Do you have several facilities spread across town? Do you need a tool that will allow visitors to select the items that they want to see and that will then plan out a route and itinerary for their visit? As about our new web-based VisitPlanner.

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In addition we do a beautiful job of customizing our systems to match the look and feel of your website.

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