Hospitals and Healthcare
Samaritan volunteer management systems are in use by over a hundred hospitals and health care facilities.

Do you coordinate a hospital or health care volunteer program?
Are you concerned about Joint Commission or HIPPA compliance?
Do you need to track each volunteer’s on-boarding process?
Do you need to verify initial and ongoing volunteer training?
Do you need a system that integrates with background checks?
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Customized Onboarding

Do you have several steps in your volunteer on-boarding process that you need to track? Interviews? Orientations? Trainings? Immunizations? Wouldn’t it be great if the system automatically recorded that they’ve watched a training video on YouTubeTM or taken a course with your learning management system? Samaritan’s system accommodates all of this and more making it easy for you get a list of who’s at each step in the process as well as providing each volunteer with a simple checklist to follow. Want to enhance the checklist with instructions, links, and reminder emails? We’ve got you covered.

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When the Joint Commission comes calling, do you need to be able to easily call up a report to show that your volunteers are all current with their background checks, screenings, immunizations, and trainings? We make it easy to create a report that does exactly what you need. Need automatic volunteer reminders when a training renewal or health screening is coming up? How about those flu shots? Our automations make it easy to set up reminders and status changes saving you the headache of compliance tracking.

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HIPAA and Security

Do you need a HIPPA compliant system and a vendor willing to sign your organization’s BAA? We’re it! Does your IT team require documented data classification, incident response and reporting, disaster recovery, business continuity, privacy, and security policies and procedures? We’ve got them and we audit our compliance on continuous ongoing basis. Background checks on our staff? We’ve got those too.  Our systems our systems are housed in data centers that meet the federal FISMA and FedRAMP standards as well as ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

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You’ve got a lot to keep track of. Volunteer trainings, occupational or employee health services data, background checks, and more. Wouldn’t you like to be able to view all of the information about your volunteers in a single system? With our integrations you can. Some of our clients use our software to pull data from as many as five different systems so that they can have it all in one place. Once the data is all in a single system, add our automations to your business processes and you’ve got a real time saver working for you.

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In addition we do a beautiful job of customizing our systems to match the look and feel of your website.

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