Volunteer Management Software (VMS) Version 7.0 Released

Salt Lake City, Utah — Samaritan is pleased to announce the release tonight for version 7.0 of their #1 rated software. Highlighted new features include the following:

While there are a number of enhancements, the feature most highly anticipated by customers is the HTML-configurable Log Book Entry report, which can be formatted to be used as a name badge report. This can be used to produce temporary paper badges as needed.

Additionally, volunteers may use webcams to take their photos during the registration process via eRecruiter, or during the sign in process via Sign In. These photos may be included on the printable name badges.

In an effort to improve on-site security, volunteers can be flagged as “Blacklisted”. If a blacklisted volunteer attempts to Sign In to a volunteer site, the system can send alert messages to designees. These “Blacklist Alerts” can be sent to any email address, including email addresses assigned to mobile devices.

Finally, for instances when organizations use volunteers as volunteer managers, we now offer the “Promote” feature, which allows eCoordinator users to generate limited-use eCoordinator log ins from volunteer profiles. Filtered through criteria set by administrative eCoordinator users, it is possible to generate additional log ins for your volunteers to use. This feature is available to Enterprise users only.

Samaritan appreciates the diligent work done by our customers and internal teams in designing, implementing and testing these new capabilities. For a comprehensive list of all new features and improvements, please review our Engineering Notes.