Volunteer Management Software (VMS) Version 6.9.9 Released

Salt Lake City, Utah — Samaritan is pleased to announce the release tonight for version 6.9.9 of their #1 rated software. While there are a number of enhancements, the system has been highly anticipated by customers who need to publish and manage pre-requisites for their service opportunities. Volunteer managers can select pre-requisites from a customizable list and apply these for one or more opportunities they manage. If they network with other programs, offices or projects in their organization the pre-requisites can be shared with them or the system will allow each party to establish their own sets. Volunteers will see the pre-requisites alongside other key information about the opportunity. If they do not meet one or more requirements they will not be able to complete a registration form for that opportunity.

Other new features include interface enhancements when managers set up new data filters, improved reminder emails when volunteers sign-up for schedule slots and the ability to pre-determine how many days in advance our searchable calendars will display upcoming schedules. Volunteer registration forms will more clearly highlight required fields and also pre-format phone numbers so that the data entry experience is more streamlined. When reporting their hours or taking a survey they can now upload photos or other files that help managers better see what occurred off site.

Volunteer managers will benefit from enhancements to our logbook system that now provide calculated averages for selected ranges of hours served by volunteers. This helps to quickly evaluate how much effort is being applied. Managers will also benefit from being able to rapidly sort data by the dates when volunteers were referred and/or placed with their opportunities.

At the request of a number of customers Samaritan has created a new “Archive” capability that allows selected records to stored outside of the main data displays or the Recycle Bin in case they are needed in the future. Hours for archived volunteers are still available in the logbooks.

Finally, security has been further enhanced by allowing System Administrators to pre-set password expiration dates for all types of users, including customer clients. If credentials expire the user is simply prompted to create new ones based on the old so that no contact with administrators is required.

Samaritan appreciates the diligent work done by our customers and internal teams in designing, implementing and testing these new capabilities. For additional information on each feature please review our “Release Notes.”