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We’ve had great response to our upcoming feature surveys.

Want to know the results?

Many of you have responded to the new feature survey links in our newsletters and on the eCoordinator login page. We really appreciate the fantastic feedback! It’s great guidance on how to meet your needs. Our most recent survey asked about time formats, editable grids, and bulk edit. In addition to your votes, you made a lot of comments, which although we don’t include them here because of space constraints, were really helpful. We’ll be rolling your feedback into our upcoming releases. Here are the questions and what you had to say:

Preferred Default Time Display Format

If a volunteer logs that s/he has given 12 hours and 15 minutes of service, which of the following time display formats would you like the grids to display as a default?


Editable Grids

Which method did you prefer most?


Bulk Edit

Which method did you prefer most?


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