Staff Spotlight: Mike Brady


In January, 2016, Software Product Manager Mike Brady is celebrated his 10th year at Samaritan. During those years, Mike has seen Samaritan grow and make many very positive changes to enhance the functionality and performance of our software.

Mike was born in Chiba, Japan, moved to Oklahoma, and then at age three, he moved to Salt Lake City. After high school graduation, he attended the University of Utah, where he received a degree in International Studies.

Mike is fluent in Japanese, having served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2005, Mike was employed processing Workers Compensation claims. When Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, Mike felt a strong need to help the people affected by the storm, so he volunteered for three weeks to work for the American Red Cross at the scene of the destruction in New Orleans.

When he returned to Utah, he knew he wanted to continue assisting in volunteer efforts and followed up on a job lead with Samaritan Technologies where he was hired, and began his employment in sales support. After a few months, he began implementing new customers, and eventually became manager over the Implementation and Client Services (support) departments. His next position was technical writer. From that position, he moved to Product Manager, where he has remained for several years.

As Product Manager, Mike’s duties span a few different job descriptions, but he is primarily focused on:

  • Managing product and sprint backlogs, product roadmap, release schedule, and other artifacts
  • Determining client, market, and internal needs within our product offering
  • Providing specifications to the development team for upcoming releases
  • Improving processes

In 2008, Mike and his family moved to Gresham, Oregon, where he continued his work for Samaritan in product development. In his spare time, Mike and his family enjoy outings together. He and his wife Chelsie have five children: a son, twin sons and two daughters. Mike also actively volunteers in his community and church.

After 10+ years at Samaritan, Mike retains his original enthusiasm for providing ever-improving volunteer software for all clients. He states that one of the most important reasons for this is that Samaritan has a long history of employing highly qualified personnel. Finally, Mike states that, “it’s the clients who keep me on track. I’m always looking for innovative ways to assist them in performing their jobs.”

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