Samaritan Attends National Conference on Volunteerism and Service

Three individuals from Samaritan represented Samaritan at the conference this past June, with the goal of meeting as many customers, partners and new contacts as possible. A record number of new contacts were made, in part because of new product lines Samaritan launched to help small non-profits.

We were pleased to formally launch our new “Automated Recognition Program” in collaboration with one of our customers, the Cabot Cheese Cooperative. Samaritan’s customers can now automatically pass the hours served by their volunteers to Cabot’s “” website so they can qualify for a large variety of prizes, at no obligation to anyone. Among other things, Cabot is well known for awarding volunteers FREE cruises. More than 150 people went to the Caribbean with the last cruise, and Cabot is getting set for Alaska 2017 right now.

Another major partnership was also launched at NCVS. Non-profits with annual budgets less than $400K can now obtain a FREE version of eCoordinator through Samaritan’s partners at the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE). For more info, please visit this page.  Recruiting is facilitated automatically through yet another program we launched at NCVS, called “” Each grantee – as well as all of you – are welcome to have your opportunity listings appear automatically at[organization name]. Here’s an example.

In short, NCVS was a smashing success for Samaritan and really set the tone for our next year, as we move in to our 20th anniversary celebration.

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