Happy Holidays!

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – ¬†Samaritan recognizes the great value of volunteers who reach out to others during this season. Many of Samaritan’s customers are working hard to mobile volunteers now and throughout the year. We acknowledge their work and thank them for their dedication. We are overjoyed that customers utilize our software to help thousands of families recieve basic services such as food and shelter, not to mention presents under the tree.

Nothing could be more in line with the vision and purpose of Samaritan Technologies. Giving is a part of our name. The classic story of the man who left the comfort and safety of a well traveled road to help a suffering stranger is central to who we are and serves as an inspiration to us as we do our best to “serve those who serve.” During this season we recognize there are many who need the services of the “Good Samaritan” and encourage everyone to engage in an act of service. If you are searching for a way to give back, please visit our clients’ Samaritan created and hosted volunteer pages.