Take a look at what we offer that specifically addresses the needs of Banks and Credit Unions:

Flexible Volunteer Recruiting

You’ve probably invested lot in branding and creating a website that professionally portrays your organization. At Samaritan we’ll configure our eRecruiter web portal to beautifully match the look and feel of your website whether on the Internet or your intranet, so that it looks as if it was done by your own IT staff.

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Organization Recruiter

Samaritan’s Organization Recruiter allows the non-profits, schools or other local organizations that you work with propose service opportunities for your staff, you can then review them and decide which ones you want to post so that people can sign up for them.

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Propose an Opportunity

Want a system that would allow your staff members to propose service opportunities that you can review for approval? Our propose an opportunity feature lets them do just that.

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Automatic Log Book entry or Roster based Sign-in

If you have lots of staff members planning on attending a service event and you don’t want to have to do the work of recording the service hours for each of them let our automatic logbook entries feature do it for you. Or, if you prefer to keep closer tabs on who actually showed up, our roster based Sign-In option will record those those hours for you while letting your staff sign in and out at the site with a single button touch.

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Accurate reporting and Surveys

Need to report more than just hours and participants? Samaritan’s survey system lets you create your own surveys to track the data you need whether it’s students mentored, donations received, grants given, or micro-loans made and much more.

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Strong Security and Authentication

Do you need to satisfy a long list of security requirements? How about the ability to integrate with your own HR system for secure single sign-on? We have what you need from data classification to SAML and we audit our compliance on continuous ongoing basis. Background checks on our staff? We’ve got those too. Our systems are housed in data centers that meet the federal FISMA and FedRAMP standards as well as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Send us your list from IT and we’ll work through it.

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In addition we do a beautiful job of customizing our systems to match the look and feel of your website.

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