Take a look at what we offer that specifically addresses the needs of Alumni Associations:

Volunteer Recruiting

We’ll match your look and feel. At Samaritan we’ll configure our eRecruiter web portal to beautifully match the look and feel of your website. And, of course, being web-based it can be accessed from anywhere any time, while letting you or your team coordinate it all from a single or multiple locations.

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Powerful Scheduling

Need your alumni volunteers to sign up for specific shifts on line. We accommodate all sorts of flexible schedules: Daily, weekly, every fifth saturday, annually! We can do it!

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Want to collect data on your alumni base or have your alums to gather some information for you? Samaritan’s survey system lets you create your own surveys with a rich set of data types to let you easily collect and centralize just the data you need. Collect data about the service your alumni render and then report back on it.

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Automatic Email

Need a system that will email reminders to your volunteers? Send them an birthday email, email newsletter, or annual survey? Set up our powerful automations and let them do the work for you!

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Export and Integrations

Our data grid reports make it easy to export the data for analysis or to import into other systems. Want an integration with a donor management or other system. Great! Tell us your requirements. We do them all the time!

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In addition we do a beautiful job of customizing our systems to match the look and feel of your website.

Check out these examples:

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