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Internet Recruiting

$ 10 /mo
  • Service opportunities and registration forms are built in to YOUR website and domain.
  • Volunteers can search for opportunities using a calendar interface and/or an interactive map.
  • Easily cross-post your opportunities on and New volunteers are redirected to your sign-up forms.
  • Intelli-Match recommends the ideal giving opportunities for both volunteers and donors. Suggestions are auto-emailed.
  • Forms adjust dynamically when constituents self-identify as volunteers, donors, group leaders or partner reps.
  • Volunteers can share opportunities with friends using FACEBOOK, MySpace, Twitter, (100’s more), and email.
  • The system can also recruit & manage donors (cash or in-kind), groups, corporations and partners.
  • Each of your constituents (volunteers, donors, etc.) can login for multiple types of giving.
  • Volunteers or donors can search for giving opportunities using multiple criteria.
  • Opportunity listings include descriptions, requirements, schedules and a Google Map link.
  • Empty schedule slots can be posted and filled on-line (optional).
  • Volunteers can edit their information, check schedules and report hours on-line.
  • Volunteers can take custom surveys on-line. Surveys can be unique to each opportunity.
  • Criminal background checking can occur (Live!) during the volunteer registration process or “on demand.”
  • Reference checking done automatically. References complete custom email questionnaire about volunteer.
  • Partner organizations can go to your website and submit opportunities for your consideration.
  • Create special bulletin boards of opportunities, by type, and publish the hyperlinks for them.
  • Target recruit volunteers by auto-emailing them links for opportunities that best match them.
  • Maintain your online opportunities using web and / or PC software (for disaster relief etc).
  • Recruit and manage clients who receive the services provided by your volunteers (i.e. transportation requests). Client forms are HIPAA compliant.

Data Management

$ 10 /mo
  • Easily view data in grids that can be pre-searched and pre-sorted (filtering). Named ‘grids’ saved for various purposes.
  • Add any number of custom fields or attributes to profiles for volunteers, donors, opportunities, organizations, clients, etc.
  • Customize the software differently for different departments, programs or locations using the same system.
  • Manage data for opportunities, programs, events, conferences, trainings, donors & clients.
  • Quickly find records by typing what you seek at the top of any active column.
  • Select a record and then take actions like edit, report, share, delete, e-mail.
  • Select multiple records and take actions such as running reports or sending emails.
  • Instantly share volunteer & opportunity records with other offices, programs, affiliates or websites that use Samaritan.
  • Export any data in standard ‘text’ format for import into spreadsheets, documents, etc.
  • All changes made in the system are recorded, displayed and available for export.
  • Application Program Interface (API) allows direct data interaction with external databases.


$ 10 /mo
  • Create multiple reports for volunteers, opportunities, organizations, schedules, and hours.
  • Print only the data you want, sorted by preferred criteria like date ranges.
  • All reports produced on screen or in Adobe .pdf format.
  • Export data as a universal text (.txt) file so it can be used in Excel (or similar).
  • Automatically generated emails with attached reports keep supervisors and volunteers informed.


$ 10 /mo
  • Easily usable calendar that displays current schedules, open slots, and placed volunteers.
  • Drag-n-drop new opportunities onto the calendar day(s) they will occur.
  • Drag-n-drop volunteers into slots on the calendar.
  • Calendar can be viewed by day, week, or month.
  • View selected volunteer schedules side-by-side.
  • Scheduling conflicts are displayed and prevented.
  • View all volunteers who are currently active, available and ready to serve for a shift.
  • Ongoing slots can be created using patterns, like “Every Thursday, 2-6pm.”
  • Slots can be set to accept a predefined maximum number of volunteers.
  • Each slot can be set to recruit episodic or permanent volunteers.
  • Print schedules for any combination of volunteers, opportunities and organizations.
  • At-A-Glance view of which days need schedule slots filled and how many.
  • Find qualifying volunteers for each slot using previously created (or new) searches .
  • “Intelli-Match.” Computer will make suggestions for the most qualified volunteer based on skills, availability, etc.
  • Easily edit slots, volunteers, and opportunities from inside the calendar.
  • Edit, copy, delete, email and see logbooks for selected volunteers by right-clicking inside the scheduler.
  • Copy entire opportunity & scheduling matrix for recurring events.
  • System automatically records hours for volunteers based on their schedules.
  • Supervisors review, edit & approve hours recorded by volunteers and/or the scheduling system.


$ 10 /mo
  • Send e-mails to one or more selected volunteers from inside software.
  • E-mail(s) can be sent to opportunity managers, donors, clients and organization representatives.
  • Mail merge fields (like ‘First Name’) allowed.
  • Template emails can be named and shared.
  • Text formatting supported in emails.
  • Links and attachments supported in emails.
  • Automatic custom e-mails are generated when volunteers register, request positions, or schedule themselves for service online.
  • Schedule reminders, birthday wishes, credential renewal notices and other alerts are sent automatically.
  • Automatic Outreach! Define what type of volunteers you need and the system will automatically email them with links to opportunities they match.


$ 10 /mo
  • Track hours, miles, and accomplishments by volunteer, position, and organization/program.
  • Volunteers can report their service through your website and / or secure sign-in stations.
  • Hours can be automatically recorded in the system based on schedule slots and placements.
  • Volunteers can take on-line tests for updating certifications.
  • Develop your own surveys for each opportunity to help track outcomes.
  • Team or group leaders can log in to verify hours of their members at no cost.
  • Team or group leaders receive emails when their volunteers report. Approval is done inside the email.
  • Filter by multiple criteria, including custom fields, dates, sources and approval status.
  • Set custom award levels based on targeted hours the monitor progress. Automatic emails are sent when each level is obtained.
  • View and print volunteer hours by date range.


$ 10 /mo
  • Build hierarchal access. Users see only the data that matters to them.
  • Unlimited ‘levels’ inside hierarchies.
  • Easily share selected data with Samaritan’s other customers or websites on demand (if hosted together).

Criminal Background

$ 10 /mo
  • INSTANTANEOUS CHECKING with results appearing inside the software within seconds. Very affordable rates!
  • View criminal background results and decisions alongside reference e-survey results.
  • Build and manage custom restrictions on various criminal behaviors. The system prevents accidental placement.
  • Legally approved template emails can be sent to all parties automatically when a decision is made. All decisions recorded.

Special Features

$ 10 /mo
  • Store, manage and schedule clients and services handled by volunteers.
  • Build travel routes for volunteers as they deliver or pick-up clients or goods.
  • Host software on your own servers. Also, Single Sign-on is available for networks.
  • Hosted by vendor. No installation on your computers required. Hosting is with a provider that meets or exceeds SAS-70 data system security standards.
  • Volunteers can sign-up using computers, iPads and certain smart-phones if these support common browsers.
  • Web forms are compliant with federal disability access laws (section 508).
  • Recruit and mobilize volunteers, donors, clients, partners, equipment, in-kind donations, etc.
  • Supports “total giving relationships.” Volunteers, donors, corporate liaisons & group leaders can use a single set of credentials for all types of giving.
  • System produces a RSS ‘feed’ for use by external sites and devices.

Recent Improvements

$ 10 /mo
  • Build custom pre-requisite lists for all of your opportunities.
  • Attach various pre-requisites to each new opportunity. Example: “Minimum age = 18” + “CPR Certification Req.”
  • The system will require volunteers to meet your selected pre-requisites before they can complete registration.
  • Easily archive records each year or after a major event.
  • Automatic duplicate record checking using customer-designated fields.
  • Volunteers search for opportunities using a calendar interface on YOUR website.
  • All reports can be customized using HTML before being produced as Adobe Acrobat files.
  • 97% Compliant with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). This is audited by customers.
  • Compliant with Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).
  • ANNOUNCING! Mobile Application: “Jericho” can be customized for each customer. Available offline. Synchs.

Samaritan's Advantages

$ 10 /mo
  • 1. Volunteer functions are fully integrated into YOUR website and domain.
  • 2. Volunteers share opportunities to social media sites.
  • 3. Instantaneous, built-in criminal background checking.
  • 4. Automatic volunteer reference checking via email.
  • 5. Drag-n-Drop scheduling.
  • 6. Custom surveys for every volunteer activity.
  • 7. Multi-tier networking, PC software, and local hosting of web software are available.
  • 8. Client scheduling and transportation modules.
  • 9. Available integration with external software via API.
  • 10. Compliant with multiple federal accessibility, data security and credentialing standards.