Samaritan Maximizes Development Releasing 6.9.1 in Less Than Two Months

updated 06:12 pm MT, Mon January 25, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Samaritan has optimized several of their development processes and has reduced the release cycle to less than two months.  Version 6.9 was released on 4 December 2009 while the next release is scheduled for Friday, 29 January 2010.

Bruce Behymer, CEO, credits "the Development and Quality Assurance (QA) Teams for the increased speed."

Additionally, new versions will utilize a three number symbol.  This release will be version 6.9.1

The upgrade will occur between 5 pm PDT Friday, 29 January 2010, and 12 pm PDT Saturday afternoon, 30 January 2010, or until the upgrade notices are removed from the login page. No interruption in service is anticipated during the release.

Samaritan's latest release, Version 6.9.1, incorporates a wide range of customer-driven functionality into the system.  These new features offer the chance to greatly enhance the ability of users to recruit, manage, and measure volunteer efforts.  A few highlights of the release include:

  • Easy Volunteer Registration Volunteers may register themselves into your system using their existing logins for Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

  • See what hot opportunities your volunteers are sharing through Social Networking sites! We have enhanced the power of AddThis, new in 6.9, to gather analytics from your eRecruiter.
  • When volunteers utilize your eRecruiter’s post‐event reporting system, they now have the ability to register a new organization if it does not appear in the predefined list. This is a part of the new Organization eRecruiter product released with version 6.9.
  • eRecruiter now offers HTMLbased emailing, including graphics and formatting capabilities for the automatic email system.
  • Specify your organization’s own email server, so that emails sent from eCoordinator do not get marked as spam and sent to your volunteers’ junk mail folders.
  • Set a cut off date for volunteers and eCoordinator users to complete surveys and report hours.
  • eCoordinator now offers the ability to place both volunteers and clients from the opportunity placement screen.

"The new features in 6.9.1 will empower users and simplify processes," Bob Henline, new Client Services Manager, said, "Volunteers will appreciate the ability to register or sign up using Facebook and Google while volunteer coordinators will value client placements, SMTP server designation, and setting a relative date for hours entry."

A full list and description of new features can acquired by contacting Customer Support at 1-888-904-6060 option #5 or Sales at 1-888-904-6060 option #4.