eCoordinator 6.9.2 Launched with Improved Functionality

updated 06:00 pm MT, Fri May 28, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Samaritan releases Version 6.9.2 adding several new features in response to customers' requests.  At a high level, here is what is new:
  • Opportunity RSS Feed - Display your most recently posted opportunities in an RSS feed to which your volunteers can subscribe.
  • Folder Access - Allow other eCoordinator users to access only specified folders. Multiple users may login to the same eCoordinator account and view only the folders relevant to their work.
  • eCoordinator users have access to edit and update the automatic emails sent by eRecruiter.
  • Log Book reporting just got more powerful. All reports available from the main grid are now available in the Log Book System for each corresponding data grid.
  • View placement and referral settings for each opportunity using the new grid columns.
  • The AMS Users tab has been redone, incorporating familiar eCoordinator grid properties to make information easier to find and update.
  • ...and many more upgrades to the look and feel, as well as usability and ease!

eCoordinator 6.9.2

Opportunity RSS Feed:
The advent of RSS News Feed Readers, more people are subscribing to their favorite news articles and blogs via personalized readers, like NewzCrawler, FeedDemon, or Google Reader. Version 6.9.2 offers the ability to broadcast opportunity information via an RSS feed. As eCoordinator users post opportunities to their eRecruiter, subscribing volunteers would see each opportunity without ever leaving their own reader. RSS
Additionally, you might choose to add a feed to your own website or eRecruiter.
Folder Access:
This feature, years in the making, is now ready for application. Similar to hierarchical eCoordinator systems connected via folder sharing, Folder Access eliminates the need for multiple eCoordinator accounts. Multiple eCoordinator user logins can access the same account, but will see only the designate folders. For example, a statewide system may have a dozen regions, but each user would only see their own regional folder upon login. The statewide eCoordinator user would, of course, have access to all folders. Folder
Log Book Reporting:
Log Book reports have always included Samaritan's most powerful report, the data grid report. 6.9.2 includes each report from the corresponding main grid. E.g., if a user accesses the Log Book System from the Volunteers Data Grid, all reports available from the Volunteers Data Grid are also available from the Log Book System. The same is true for Organization, Opportunity, and Client reports-depending on which grid the user accesses the Log Book System, those reports are now available. Log Book
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Interface and Usability:
Grid Column Updates - eCoordinator allows the user to designate if volunteers who sign-up for opportunities are placed or referred. These new grid columns allow the user to see the setting for each opportunity on the Opportunities Data Grid.

Also, the "Schedule Referrals" and "Schedule Placements" columns in the Volunteer Grid and the "Schedule" column on the Opportunity Grid displays the number of volunteers placed or referred to the listed schedule slot(s).

In the Grid Settings view, there are now horizontal scroll bars, enabling the user to see the entire field name.

The Clients tab data grid now includes "Referred to" and "Placed with" columns.

For all grids, the user is able set the default saved grid to run each time the user logs into eCoordinator.

Right-click Menus - "Email" and "Log Book" have been added to all volunteer, opportunity, organization and client right-click menus, from both the main grids as well as the calendar view.

Additionally, users may run a Ride Profile Report, and email volunteers and clients from the schedule slot right-click menu.

Finally, mouse-over highlighting on the main grids helps users identify for which profile the desired action will be performed.
A full list and description of new features can acquired by contacting Customer Support at 1-888-904-6060 option #5 or Sales at 1-888-904-6060 option #4.