Disaster Help Network

The Disaster Help Network (DHN) links government and community organizations together using both web and PC based resource management software. DHN was the official vendor for statewide volunteer mobilization in the 2004 hurricanes in Florida and Alabama and now supports organizations of all sizes as they plan, prepare, recruit, and mobilize resources for disaster prevention, response, and recovery.


Software Features

  • Manage Multiple Resources: Volunteer, donation, and direct assistance operations are integrated into a user-friendly tracking system, expediting aid, and reducing training time for new staff.
  • Logistics Support: Scheduling, training, tracking, and reporting are all web interactive. Patterned scheduling, sign-in stations, travel logistics, and security credential management are supported.
  • On-Demand Customization: Need to suddenly add a new field to your website and database? Change the data flow between constituents? This is your solution.
  • Web + PC Redundancy: Only the Disaster Help Network combines multi-site web-based volunteer management tools with synchronized PC-based software for making local backups or coordinating volunteers at times and locations when the internet is unavailable.
  • National Recruiting: Cross-post your disaster opportunities on SERVE.gov, AllForGood.org, Facebook, MySpace, and others. Volunteers are re-directed to YOU.